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Sellfree website recommends that you make sure that the ads are correct before taking any action.
Sellfree website, if necessary, can remove any ads and accounts or photos and videos that it deems appropriate from the site.

When placing an ad, be sure to observe the following :

- Any insult to individuals, ethnicity, customs, religions, dialects and dialects is prohibited
- When advertising goods or services, avoid denying similar goods or services
- In case of non-compliance with the rules in the content, photo or video of the ad, Sellfree is free to remove that content, photo or video from the site.
- If the user has paid a fee for inserting the ad and the user's ad has been removed by Sellfree management, the paid fee will be refunded.

If your ad contains the following, the ad will not be displayed :

- Publishing content that is immoral and public decency
- Defamation and insult to natural or legal persons
- Illegal and unlicensed commercial activities such as pyramid schemes and ...
- Promote smoking and drugs
- Hacking training and similar items
- Advertising of goods whose supply is prohibited by law
- Ads that are political and not commercial
- Buy and sell body parts
- Supply of software products and books without considering copyright law
- Selling metal detectors or similar items
- Use the tool of the woman in the image or video ad
- Help request ads
- Duplicate ads with different titles (even changing two or three words is considered duplicate ads)
- Insert the same ad in different subgroups

Registration and insertion of the advertisement by the user constitutes acceptance of all Sellfree rules and conditions.

Attention :

- When inserting a special ad to get a better result, try to make your ad title unique. For example, if you have placed your ad on several advertising sites with duplicate and identical titles and descriptions, it will not have a good result for you.
- Our advice to you is to choose your ad title short and creatively on this site first and avoid duplicate and clichéd terms.
- In the description of the ad, try to always put yourself in the user's shoes and evaluate your ad.
- Do not always think about your interests, try to meet the needs of the user or customer.

If you edit your ad with these goals, your ad will be one of the best ads. In the meantime, our goal is your satisfaction and that of the users.

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